So, What’s Next?

Alright guys, so here’s what’s going to be happening for me this fall: I’m moving to Southeast Asia for 1 year to do volunteer work and teach English abroad! Before I embarked on my year abroad to Brazil, I was intent on returning straight to University, but obviously things have changed.

Cambodian school children walk across a flooded road in a rainy day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Tuesday, 29, 2008. (AP Photo/Heng Sinith)City Palace Bangkok

Metro Manila, Philippines - April 01, 2012: Morning traffic on the street in Manila. Metro Manila is the most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines with an estimated population of 16,300,000Angkor-Wat_2399296b   The destinations of my upcoming journey

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly do intend on finishing my degree, but that’ll just have to wait until next year.

But… why?

Pfff, why not! In my opinion, the pros of this journey to S.E. Asia definitely weigh out the cons. Vamos lá!

1. I will be doing volunteer work to better the lives of the less fortunate; nothing on earth is more rewarding than helping people who need and deserve it.

2. Opening my mind to the conditions of others extremely less fortunate than I am will be a great learning experience, and helps with having appreciation for what is commonly taken for granted.

3. I will truly learn how to fend for myself, as I really will only have myself to rely on.

4. A strong desire within me yearns to become closer to a part of my heritage, which I expect to happen when I go to Cambodia.

5. I will learn. A lot.

6. A majority of scholarship options that I currently have for college will still be valid after I spend this year abroad, so bam.

My decision to take this year has shocked many people around me, but the reactions I’ve gotten have mainly been positive. A few instances have even occurred where some of the more conservative people in my life have shown support for me. For example, my mother. She was utterly horrified when I broke the news to her that I wouldn’t be attending college this fall because I will instead be going to spend a year teaching and doing volunteer work in Southeast Asia. But after I explained to her my motives, assured her that I haven’t turned into a clueless hippie (which she did think I had turned into), and that I do strongly intend to pursue a higher education did she accept my plans this fall. Now, my mother even says that she is proud of me for embarking on this new journey. Here’s to supporting those you love!

Also, I just booked my ticket to Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

Jessica Chann Booking Flight Ticket!   BAM! Shizzles are getting realzzles!

The Return

Well, it has currently been about 1 month since I have returned back from Brazil, and I gotta say that reverse culture-shock is some nasty business. I don’t know why, but adjusting back to my life in the States has been a lot harder than it was adjusting to life in Brazil. I think it’s because my year abroad in Brazil was my gateway to experiencing my greatest and wildest fantasies in life, so it definitely was not a burden duh, which in turn definitely was not an equivalent to my rational and everyday life in the States. For example, I was mysteriously granted the guts to do absolutely crazy things in Brazil that led me to intense happiness, which were things that I would have never had the will-power to do in the States. Not quite sure how to explain what I’m trying to explain, so I’ll just hope that jafeel.

So I’m an Adult. Ew.

Another part that made returning back to my hometown a bit harder was that I legally have the need to be an “adult” now. Not really liking having to deal with all this insurance, payment, and doing things alone business. Luckily I’ve never really been that dependent on my parents, so it wasn’t that hard to adjust to this lonely business. So yah, just tryin’ not to get consumed by work and boring everyday business so I make it a point to spend good time with friends and family, and also started a free zumba class! If you’re ever in the greater-Seattle area hit me up if you want to come to a free zumba sesh! Also I gotta wash all my laundry at Laundromats because, pff, like I got moola for domestic laundry devices!

FSCN3551 Tired, but still happy on laundry day

RSCN3455 Just me, frolicking around Seattle.

Next post will be on my plans for the fall, those of which initially almost gave my poor mother a myocardial infarction!