The Last Moments in Paradise

So porra, this will be an account of the principle last few moments of my time in Brazil. This year abroad has meant everything to me, and I already know that I will never be able to completely and sufficiently explain to anyone what this year has meant to me. Lemme just get right to the last moments that contribute to the best year of my life.


Gincana is basically Paraty’s version of a city wide rave. Just kidding, it’s actually this huge event where thousands of children, millennials, maybe even humans, create teams and compete against each other in a wide variety of activities. This may sound a bit childish, but it is serious business. The competitions range from ping-pong battles, to bike marathons, to slayin’ the dance floor. It’s a 2 day, non-stop; heart throbbing and cut-throat battle to win the coveted Ultimate Gincana trophy. For these 2 days of competing joy, the streets were full of Gincana competitors running all over the city with eggs in their hands and tape in their mouth, competing for earth knows which battle. I opted for participating in slayin’ the dance floor, and started preparing for the madness about a month before the full on Gincana war broke out. I was part of the pão com ovo team of Kamikaze. I fell in love with everyone in Família Kamikaze, and we won porra!!! Adorei cada momento com vocês Família Kamikaze, e vocês sempre vão ter uma parte grande no meu coração, beijos!


Festa do Divino

The Festa do Divino lasted for about two weeks, was so beautiful and had great shows during the weekend. The church of Santa Rita was stunning, fully decorated with beautiful lights and traditional ribbons. On one of the nights of the Festa do Divino, Skol Beats, the beer company, was doing a commercial behind the church of Santa Rita, so my friends and I tried waiting out back there until the commercial started its shoot, but unfortunately we friggin’ left before it started, unable to claim our fame. Dei mole, sei. But at least during the concerts my amigos and I totes danced our bootays off!


The International Bourbon Jazz Festival of Paraty

This had to be one of the classiest festivals I have ever been to. The municipal of Paraty really out did themselves with the great outcome of Bourbon. All of the bands and artists were extremely talented, and fit the overall Bourbon theme perfectly. The crowds were beautiful and full of respectful and cultured Homo Sapiens. Also, I thought I met the Brazilian singer Alçeu Valença, but turns out the dude lied to me. My fault anyways, and he even stole a kiss (just on the cheek though)! Cara de pau. Overall just had a splendid time!

DSCN3035 Alçeu Valença my a**. FSCN3064FSCN3067FSCN3047 More from the Bourbon Jazz Festival!

Little Paraty

I went on a super cute field trip with my mates from escola to see the model version of Paraty’s humble beginnings, and its part in Brazil’s gold road.


Fazendo tapetes por a Festa de Corpus Christi

I spent a breath-takingly beautiful day helping decorate Paraty’s cobblestoned floors for the Corpus Christi festival. We used a variety of odd materials with symbolic meanings and a load of dye to transform the historical center’s floors into pieces of art. It was so tranquil, stunning, and a day full of smiles.


FSCN3078FSCN3120FSCN3122 (2)FSCN3124FSCN3130RSCN3121

Just Hangin’ Out in the Most Beautiful of Places that Earth Has to Offer


FSCN3190FSCN3193reger (2)FSCN3185

Gym Party!

My girls at the gym I burned fat at threw a cute little food and wine party for me. I seriously had luck landing at the incredible gym, where I’ve met people who I know will always have a part in my life, and who I truly care about so dearly. And thank you Cida for giving me the moves to building uma bunda maior!



My amazing Brazilian aunt Sandra threw a cute little get together festa on her boat for me. It was absolute perfection. There was worry that the weather would be a bum on the day of the party because of the previous days having been full of rain and clouds, but came the day of the boat party, everything cleared up and the sky was so blue with not a cloud in sight. Also the people who mean the absolute world to me all came, and the vibe was just full of good and lovely people. The music playlist had a bunch of Brazilian MPB and the holy Brazilian Funk, so it was the best thing everrr. Every single moment of the party was perfect, and it just topped everything that already topped everything. Like I said, these are my moments in true paradise.


Last Turn-Ups

My last few turn-ups with my best of best friends were at Brazilian Funk concerts. I went to see MC Koringa and MC Marcinho, and may have had a bit too much of pure fun. It all seems like a dream. Too good that it’s too hard to put into words, so I’ll just leave y’alls to the pictures.

10405654_685143704922823_1082588653927191833_n10502149_691605294276664_6961739180942830253_n 10930187_691627317607795_9172505499768114257_n11390142_685148558255671_4974497129893960048_n

My Last Day in Paradise

This was such a hard day for me. I didn’t think I was going to be able to take the emotional pain that I went through, saying goodbye to so many people who mean the absolute universe to me. My last day I spent crying non-stop tears, and trying to take in everything around my being. Let’s just say there’s a video of a girl who looks exactly and is exactly me proclaiming from the bottom of her heart her love for Paraty and Brazil, all along the main avenue of Paraty. Tears and fears, and more tears followed. Ai it was tough.


RSCN3387DSCN3380  Us buddies during our very last shenanigans of the year

E Para Sempre.

Since this time in Brazil means the world to me, I wanted to get something that is permanent and para sempre. Tattoo it was, sorry Mom!


Too much de tudo de bom. Heart. Hurts.

Already in the Longstretch

Choosing to go live a year abroad in Brazil has been the most wonderful experience and absolute best choice that I have decided to make in my life. Before I turn this post into the “Farewell Brazil” post, I’ll cut to a few happenings that I haven’t blogged about since my last post!

On March 29th, 2015, I went to Lollapalooza in São Paulo. I went with my bestie Marina, and we watched the shows of The Kooks, Calvin Harris, and Pharrell. We got there a little late due to the ridiculous amount of transit, accidentally missed a part of the Kooks’ show because the show hours on the paper program and online program did not match, so I thought I had time to wait in a massive line to empty my bladder…
        But it’s all good because we got to see them perform all of their best songs anyways. For Calvin Harris, Marina and I stayed on top of a mini wooden stage the whole time, so we were above everyone else and us two crazies were leading all the dance moves up in there for sure. I imagine that that was what it’s like to be a go-go dancer. But I could be completely wrong.

And then came Pharrell’s show. Okay. I am in love/ obsessed, call it what you want, with Pharrell, and completely lost the little cool that I had during his show. Guys, I grew up listening and trying to become a wannabe gangster because I aspired that much to even come close to how fantastic Pharrell is. I know every letter to every music of his, and almost made my vocal chords explode from screaming at the top of my lungs along with Pharrell while he sang his songs. I hope he heard me! Even more, his show was so friggin’ nostalgic because alongside myself during our past and continuing quest to become Pharrell, is my brother Alexander. We would always poop out and rap “Drop it like it’s hot” together when we were growing up, and usually I don’t use profanity, but I was just like shittt I wanna be a child again. No better way to say it. King Pharrell’s show was everything good in life, and I will forever be honored to have been in the same presence as him. Here’s to life.



These past few days, my papa and I have been making ground-breaking discoveries from our experiments in smoothie and juice recipes. Here are our latest successful juicy juice and smoothie recipes with:
-Acerola, oranges, apples, carrots, bananas, and condensed milk
-Apples, carrots, and ginger
-Bananas, apples, and lemons
-Bananas, milk, and coffee
-Strawberries, milk, and coffee

4 One of our creations and I

Waterfall Trekking

A few weeks ago my papa and I along with a few family friends went on a waterfall exploration day, where we visited the main waterfall beauties in this wonderful region of Rio de Janeiro. Visited the waterfalls of Poço do Inglês, Tobogã, and Pedra Branca. They were all incredibly stunning, and reminded me of the parts of Earth’s true natural and untouched beauty.

5.55 6.56 7.5

Campos do Jordão

On a trip I took to Guaratingueta with my cousin Marina, I unexpectedly got invited to go with my bud Adriano to the “nearby” town of Campos do Jordão. Known as the “Swiss Brazilian City” for it’s antique European architecture, Campos do Jordão attracts visitors from all parts of the world, and whom are also cheik as hell. It’s pretty darn cold in the Swiss Brazil, which adds to it’s uniqueness compared to a majority of other places in Brazil. Adriano, me, and a couple of friends went to Campos do Jordão at night, and I encountered a supes cool nightlife experience. I very much enjoyed seeing the most beautiful of people dressed in the most stylish clothes walking about and having a good time in this beautiful town, and turning up just a tad bit at a baladinha after we had a few drinks at the Baden Baden Brewery.


XTERRA Night Run

So, Paraty is perfect for anyone and everyone. If you like music, there are a billion musical festivals with artists who come to perform from all over the world. If you like to dance, there’s Paraty Latino, one of the most sought after shows in Latin America for Latin dance and music. If you like to drink, there’s Festival da Pinga. If you like to eat, there’s the Festival of Gastronomia. If you like to read, there’s the world famous and internationally renowned Festival Literatura Internacional de Paraty. And if you like sports, there are triathlons, marathons, and move-your-booty-a-thons. I recently completed the XTERRA Brasil 7km Paraty Night Run, and had the best time ever. To be honest, I was a bit more preoccupied with admiring all of the other incredibly beautiful people runners, taking selfies, looking at the gorgeous night sky, and conversing with other fellow racers during the race, other than actually focusing on doing well in the race. But well, I’m happy so no harm no foul.


Rio de Janeiro- DE NOVO!

What can I say, I love Rio! I recently went for my thousandth time to Rio de Janeiro to do volunteer work with AFS in São Gonçalo. I stayed at my friend/ sister Mãia’s house for a day, and we had a blast with a couple of other friends as always. But came the morning that I was supposed to embark to São Gonçalo, I got sick! Couldn’t even get up for a while. So I missed that boat, but shortly after headed on to another adventure to spend the rest of my time in Rio at my carioca family’s place! My prima Juliana and I finally got to hang out for a good amount of time together, and I truly had such a fantastic time spending time with her. She took me along with another friend to a Samba party at the top of Santa Teresa, to watch the semi-final Carioca Cup soccer game at a bar close to the Maracanã Stadium, and just went passeando comigo. What was the most special thing that Juliana did for me was actually treat me like a real friend of her’s, and I dunno it was just really special okay.



Then Monday came, and my other prima Joana took me to the most memorable party that I have ever been to. It was a BREGA party of the husband of Joana’s girlpal’s brother. It was so fab-u-lous. Okay I really hope that my following comment will not be taken the wrong way, but this was the gayest party of the standard stereotypical perception of what a super gay party would be like. Again, I’m sorry if this comment has offended anyone but I’m not sure how else to explain it. Again, I thought it was so gay in the sense of society’s stereotypical perception of parties thrown by homosexual people. Everything was so colorful but tasteful, the finger food seemed to be equal to what fairies would cook #INCREDIBLE, 99% of the people there were homosexual, a majority of the party go-ers danced the equivalent to RuPaul dragged up, and every single song that played was in the time period and style of the Brazilian icon Xuxa (pretty much the Brazilian Madonna). I truly had such a wonderful time and finally learned how to “dance like nobody’s watching.” Thank you to everyone who has been part of this spiritual journey of mine.

11165295_799780410097774_16841008131004042_n I love life.

Paparazzi of Paraty

My gang of besties and I have recently just been going around our city of Paraty (the most photogenic city in the world) and taking pictures. We totally plan to become professionals *winks my face.*

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Meeting My Brazilian Grandmother

About a month ago I met my Brazilian grandmother, and right when I met her I knew that she would make an impact in my life. I’ve never had such a figure in my life as she was to me, and I sincerely enjoyed every moment of being in her presence. When came time for her to embark on her ride to her home, which is 16 hours by car away from Paraty, I broke down crying like a baby. First time my family saw me cry since I’ve arrived in Brazil. Saudades de você já Dona Maria!

1.31 (2) Minha avó e eu!

About 1 month and a half left in Brasil!