Up-and-Coming Adult

 Adults, let’s gather and reminisce. This generation’s girl needs some guidance as to whether or not I can regain emotional stability. So yesterday I found myself crying at every little thing, and was finding sentimentality in everything within my presence. I overall do not see myself as a very emotional person, as I haven’t even cried since the humanoid robot Atlas was unveiled (it was a big deal).

atlas22 Atlas, the humanoid robot 

I hypothesized that my tears’ decision to free flow at any given moment this past day was due to my inability to cope with the fact that I am an adult ew. I’m sure that you adults out there have had odd moments in your teenage years where you were like “I can’t even.” Right?


So here are some of the things I can remember crying about:

1. Hearing Mariah Carey’s “Emotions”

2. After my Father bought me pizza

3. Watching Kacy Catanzaro slay the American Ninja Warrior Dallas Qualifiers

4. After my Mother asked me how to check her 401(k)

not a successful adult
5. After vacuuming my habitat


I believe that I was overcome by these emotions because pretty soon I will fly away from my nest and mama bird, and claim my independence. I’m nearly positive that this tropical tear-storm has passed, and hopefully the only tropical storm I will have to encounter in the future are the ones in Brazil!

Visas and San Francisco

So a couple of days ago I went to San Francisco, California because I had to apply for my Brazilian visa in person, as I could find no proxy or agency that could help a sista out. At first I was fairly disappointed that I had to spend all of the money that I did, just to submit my visa documents. But it’s a darn good thing that I did go because I had a blast.

jhvhj Selfie by the waterfront!

The BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is cray. I am in love with it. It makes this horribly wonderful screeching sound and thanks to its speed, I’ve gained some more muscular strength by working to balance myself whilst standing up. Also this guy and I made a great rap about veganism on our way to the Montgomery Station.

hjvhjy     The BART (B.A. Rapid Transit)

Thankfully I didn’t have to sleep at the airport because my “second cousin” Franklin was a homepal and let me crash at his place. So since I’m a pretty prompt person I arrived at my appointment with the embassy about 2 and 1/2 hours early, and thankfully, I was also done with everything 2 and 1/2 hours early! Hallelujah. I then had about 8 hours to explore San Francisco, and I sure did!

mnbvb  The Consulate General of Brazil building in San Francisco

Right after my appointment was over I headed to The Sentinel for lunch, which Franklin recommended. ‘Twas incredible. I had the Trout Salad Sandwich and that sure did tickle my fancy? Yas, needless to say it was great. I also got to practice my Russian on the people who run the place. After exploring downtown San Fran for awhile, I really wanted to see other hotspots in the city, so I listened to some random people’s recommendations and BARTed my way to the other places San Fran had to offer.
jknkjb,kmbjb rewgter Downtown San Fran and the Holy Sandwich

The first recommendation I took was from Casey, who told me to visit Dolores Park. Good call C-money. It was so big and beautiful and full of great; weird people.


Shout out to Derek H. for then recommending me go to the waterfront because that was definitely the highlight of my trip! After I spent about an hour or so walking along the waterfront, I ran into this guy whose service is biking customers along the waterfront to the Golden Gate Bridge. Very handsome Homo sapien he was. I asked him how much he charged, and our conversation went like this:
Ivan: “Hold on, where are you from?”
Me: “Seattle, Washington!”
Ivan: “Okay so you’re out of town, by yourself, and cute. Therefore I won’t charge anything. *Winks*”
Me: *pees my pants and hops on*
My mom said that sounded sketchy but I say it sounded like love. So anyways, Ivan biked me all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge and back and all along the way we had great convos about life.

guyhfvcGolden Gate Bridge!

knjkkSan Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge!

jkhvhj    Biking along the waterfront

Traveling by yourself can be so fun, and it’s definitely underrated. San Francisco was a joy and the people there are all hot, nice, and smart. Had a complete blast and thankfully got what I needed to get done. HOLLAA