The Packing Issue

ghjcujhgvhyjv   Everything must come. 

A year abroad in Brazil. And I must fit all that comes with me in one checked luggage and one carry on? Madness! Yes I’m one of those people who imagines to find use in every single article of clothing of theirs whilst packing. So I will be attempting to pack most all (~90%) of my entire wardrobe in my allowed luggage. Crazy or na? My mother has tried to convince me that I won’t be wearing most all of the clothes I plan to bring, nor should I pack that much but I kid you not, I am damn darn stubborn.

ghckhg   It will work. Right?

I do acknowledge that I probably will only be wearing really casual clothes and repeat my outfits tons of times, but no. I must bring my whole closet with me. There’s always the possibility that I will wear all my clothes and have the motivation to dress up all the time, even if that possibility is quite slim. I love dressing up and this past school year I, once again, kid you not that I didn’t scrub a single day of the school year and I wore every item in my closet at least once! This argument probably is irrelevant to packing all of my clothes for my year abroad, but I thought I’d just throw that in there.

jhvhyycf   The Space Bags do not know what they’re in for ❤

There’s also a high possibility that I won’t be able to fit even 1/3 of my wardrobe into my luggage. Oops. BUT that is why I bought space bags! In a perfect world they will make everything fit perfectly, but I have yet had the chance to try them out. When I do end up packing, you can count on an update because, clothes.

Eat, Pray, Love?


So recently I watched Eat, Pray, Love for the I don’t know, 7th time? To be honest, I feel like I truly resonate with the film on a spiritual level. Or maybe that’s just naive; adolescent me speaking.

The film just fills me with happiness. It’s so beautifully shot and directed and I honestly daydream about my time in Brazil to have similar scenes to some in the movie. I love the experiences of Liz Gilbert-the friends she made, her pursuit of fulfillment. Like Liz, I also want to be able to “marvel at something, anything.” Major goal #1 of mine is to go with an open mind and to channel my inner confidence to try new things. But instead of rediscovering myself, I plan on attempting to discover myself. How original huh? Yea…